Friday, June 20, 2008

CMWC 2008

Considering all the drama and politics that were happing in Toronto before the CMWC had started, I think they did a pretty good job. Though everything was really behind schedule, I guess its ok to run on courier time, even when were not working. So I waited about 5 hours to start my qualifying race. First I waited in line for an hour and totally zapped my legs, so I decided to take a little break/nap and then get back into line. Ok so now, im geared up ready to go, and im off! I kinda wish some of the check point had signs, but I guess thats what its like in courierland, you know... no addresses and you just ride around aimlessly trying to find your pick up/drop. (?!!?!? or something?!!?) anyway, as soon as I figured out some of the check points, I was really just interested in sayin hi to my friends, chattin up the hotties at the check point, you know how I do. I came around the loop and saw that I had to pick up one of though stupid Fedex tubes and I thought... naaaa, maybe next time around. I came around to corner, and looked to my surprise (not really though) Jarvis, lying in the grass with a case of beer. Ha! so I got off my bike and sat down for a little refreshment. Soon enough people started to gather, and I was asked "I thought you were racing?!!?" "well shit, dawg! I am!!!" as I pulled out my manifest and showed them "I only have 2 check points left!!!" Good times.

So main race day I was a check point. believe it or not, it is possible to race AND be a check point too! That was good fun though, I must admit, I was pretty good at it! After the monsoon rains and the main race was over it was time to head back to the main land. On the fairy we saw a full rainbow, its was soooo awesome!

I had such a rad time, I was so happy to be there! Maybe if I save my pennies up I'll be able to hit up Tokyo.

Until Chicago, ride safe everyone!

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